Which Camera Should I Buy?

Blankmap Europe2 Coloured - Europe mapsI am going to take the family to Europe on a three week vacation this year. My wife have wanted to do it for as long as we have been together and it does not seem as though Michelle will fathom being left with her grandparents while we do it. It was certainly our plan to leave her there if she was willing to do it, but that is not happening. Right now we plan upon visiting London, Paris, Antwerp and perhaps Rome. Honestly I have some business to attend to in Antwerp, it was a very convenient business trip that will allow us to extend the vacation by mitigating much of the cost.

I am going to need a new camera and a better one that I have ever had. The complexity of these higher end devices does not appeal to me, but I desire the same results you would get without needing a three month training course in advanced photographic technology. I have just began my research, but I need to purchase a camera and then have plenty of time to learn how to use it before we get on the plane. I do not want to be fumbling around with a user manual in the Louvre. Actually we intend to skip the Louvre in favor of less crowded museums. It would be terrific to visit there and see all the masterpieces there, but we do not want to spend two days waiting in line. My friends James and Edy told me that it was a real ordeal when they went there and so we shall just do something else. I am guessing that I will need to purchase plenty of extra storage devices for any camera that I get as well. At least the one I have now needs three to make one day.

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