Thinking About This Little Gadget

I was thinking about this thing that I saw the other day. Actually I was sitting in the break room at the office and this fellow I work with showed me the ad for some gadget that was called a Selfie Stick. It was a thing that was supposed to help you take a selfie a bit better than you could with no help from the gadget. However it was hard for me to not think that people would laugh at you if you took this thing out and held it in front of you to take a picture of your own face. The gadget looks as though it is a foot and a half long, although I do not know that exactly. There was a button on it and that was apparently going to click the camera on the phone by way of a blue tooth connection.

It was difficult for me to figure out exactly what it was going to do, because it seemed to me as though it was the sort of thing that you needed to go to a brick and mortar store and look at in person. Obviously you could look at it on the internet and get a very basic idea of what it does, but the experience of it would be something you would have to figure out in person in my opinion. You would know whether or not you would be able to do some good work with and you would know if it would make you feel like an idiot. I am pretty sure that I would be very self conscious about using some tool like this in public. At any rate I think that I have a better idea and I wonder if it is something that would be worth pursuing.

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