The Glass Collage of Our Family

A family can get a great family portrait, from family portrait photographers in nashville. Even though our family had tons of family pictures, we really wanted to do something different for this years family photo. Our son was going to a private school for art, because he was great at art, and we really wanted to help him to develop his skills. He had a project that he had to do and he was very excited about doing it. He had to get together a collage from a picture, and he really wanted to get a picture of the family to do the collage.

We decided that as a family we would find a nice company to get a family picture together. We looked around a lot because we wanted to find a place that was good at taking professional pictures, because we wanted to make sure it was perfect for his collage. We found Family Portrait Photographers in Nashville on the internet, and we liked a lot of the photos that they shot. We chose to do our family picture outside, and since it was fall, it turned out great.

My son did a beautiful glass collage of the family photo. He literally spent hours a day on his collage, and he showed the family the finished project before he took it to school, and we thought that it was so beautiful. We took him to school, and we were able to be there when the teacher saw it. She was amazed. He won five awards for his collage, and he even got it put in the childrens’ museum for five months. We were all so proud of my son, because he used his talent in a great way. We were very happy that we were able to help our son get a family picture for his collage.

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