Putting My Old Photos on the Web

I started working on a pretty big project, not sure how quickly I shall do it as I am mostly just thinking about fighting boredom. I found a good photo scanner and I am playing around with the free version of this scan speeder photo scanning software. If I can use it easily enough I shall have to buy the full version and if it is too big of a pain, then I shall figure out what else I can do about the job. Of course we are talking about a very large number of photos. I have been taking them pretty much for fifty odd years. I kept all of the negatives and I had my own darkroom in a closet sized room I built down in the basement. I had several file cabinets dedicated to the task and at first I had each year in it’s own drawer, but then the years got on and they had to be reorganized or else there would be file cabinets all over the place.

With the web that is not so big of a deal, but I am thinking of this as sort of an atlas of my life. I can pretty much tell where I was and what I was doing for huge portions of my long life because of all of the pictures I took and the fact that I quite often included little notes upon the photo paper. Of course a lot of them are parts of much bigger stories and a lot of them are just things that I thought to be interesting subjects. It would be a huge project to put together all of the ones that I did while I was in college, of course some of those are not precisely fit for family audiences as it was the sixties.

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