Introspection on the Subject of Buddhist Philosophy

 ... Blum, “Mahayana Buddhism” from Kevin Trainor, ed. Buddhism: TheBuddhism is a very interesting religion, and it offers a beautiful view of existence, yet one that is none the less difficult to live by. At its essence, Buddhism explains that the root of human suffering is attachment in its various forms. The idea is that the attachment itself is a folly, because there is nothing there to actually hold onto, the entire world is in flux, and it always will be. There is a lot to ponder when embracing this concept, and it has particularly interesting implications for the human concept of the self. It suggests that the notion of personal identity is a fallacy, and that there is nothing permanent about our existence either. It is taught that Lord Buddha was the only person ever to really attain the goal of Buddhism, to be truly free of attachment, and that is how he was able to transcend and reach enlightenment. Freeing oneself from all attachment may nearly be impossible, but meditating on the concept, and practicing letting your attachments slip away, is one of the best forms of fulfillment that a person is capable of experiencing. Of course, it would again be incorrect to adhere strictly to the teachings of Buddhism for such a sense of fulfillment either, as it too, will never last. Change and flux in the world is the only that’s that are constant about this existence of ours. It is interesting to think of how many wars and tragedies could be averted if everyone were able to see the light of Buddhism, and understand the truths that it holds. Violence is something that is absolutely incomprehensible to those who understand and practice Buddhism. That is why I take time to contemplate Buddhism deeply, so that its teachings will allow me to do my own small part to make the world a better place.

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